Innovation Committee

Facilitates innovation with FinTechs through active and strategic engagement and creates the environment needed to allow merchants' technical resources to be engaged in ongoing payment discussions.


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Innovation Committee goals and strategies


  • Facilitate innovation through FinTechs though active and strategic engagement
  • Create the environment needed to allow merchant’s technical resources to be engaged in ongoing payment discussions



      • Strategically engage merchants and FinTech Medium
      • Conduct 4 FinTech Webinars each year
      • Refocus the Innovation Committee in an effort to develop a pipeline of merchant-friendly payment solutions

        Committee Leadership

        • Jamie Henry
          Vice President Finance, Emerging Payments
        • Bryan Penny
          Merchant Advisory Group
          Vice President, Collaboration and Education
        The Merchant Advisory Group

        Driving positive change and innovation in the payments industry that serves the merchants interest through collaboration, education, and advocacy.