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Merchant Payments 101 Course Overview

Merchant Payments 101 is a foundational course designed for anyone seeking a role in the merchant payments industry, or who has a stake in the acceptance of payments and is looking to brush up on their skills. It will take approximately 6-9 hours to complete, and is designed in 5 distinct sections to provide milestones along the way.

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Module Overview

Module 1: History of Value

The overall U.S. payments ecosystem and how we arrived where we are today.

Objective: Describe how the history and progress of payments have influenced commerce today.

Average Length: 30 Minutes

Module 2: Overview of the Payments Ecosystem 

The systems and participants in the payment ecosystem.

Objective: Identify and distinguish between the systems and participants in the payments ecosystem.

Average Length: 1-2 Hours

Module 3: The Customer Journey

The customer payment journey in both Brick & Mortar and eCommerce and how each transaction impacts both the customer and merchant experience.

Objective: Identify the components of a transaction lifecycle in the customer journey.

Average Length: 2-3 Hours

Module 4: Cost of Payments

The costs associated with merchant payments acceptance.

Objective: Demonstrate an understanding of how to manage the cost of payments.

Average Length: 30 Minutes

Module 5: Value of Analysis

The key performance metrics to demonstrate the cost of doing business and maximize the return for the merchant.

Objective: Demonstrate they can do foundational calculations and analysis of the cost of payments.

Average Length: 1-1.5 Hours

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