Influence the technologies used in the payments ecosystem to better align with the merchant community through education, collaboration, and advocacy.


FIDO Alliance Overview

This webinar will introduce you to the FIDO Alliance and its authentication standards, and the latest and greatest on what we are doing. FIDO’s mission...

TECH OPS Committee goals and strategies


  • Determine content for the MAG Tech Forum conferences and webinars
  • Recommend content to be posted to the MAG website
  • Review any new card company mandates to determine impact on merchant architectures
  • Support the MAG core teams by answering any technology related questions



  • Build relationships within the Tech community
  • Deepen tech-focused payment content
  • Raise merchant "Tech Voice" thru industry advocacy and outreach


    Committee Leadership

    • Chris Storbeck
      Merchant Advisory Group
      Vice President, Business Development and Tech Engagement
    • Steve Cole
      Merchant Advisory Group
      Director, Tech Engagement
    The Merchant Advisory Group

    Driving positive change and innovation in the payments industry that serves the merchants interest through collaboration, education, and advocacy.