Coming Soon – Exploring Payments Technology

Coming Soon – Exploring Payments Technology
Leah Collins Senior Director, Education and Design Merchant Advisory Group
Aug 25, 2023

The MAG is proud to announce the launch of our seventh eLearning course, Exploring Payments Technology. We began our digital learning journey in early 2021, with Merchant Payments 101 – which to date has over 500 graduates, with nearly 22,000 user visits and 1,200 individuals who have started the course.

We followed that up in 2022 by introducing five individual 200-level courses that dive deeper into payments topics requested by our members.

Engagement across all digital learning currently represents 76% (or 142) of our Merchant Members have at least one person engaged in a MAG eLearning course.

Following the success of our initial offerings, we embarked on a journey into the world of payments technology. As a result, together with our Technology Advisors and internal and external Subject Matter Experts, we have created something a little bit different. We infused this new course with practical explorations of alternative paths, infographics, and activities. Our goal is to engage and ground the learner with practical examples that help increase retention while acknowledging and providing guidance to navigate the diverse paths available based on each learner’s unique needs.

While we encourage all payments professionals to challenge themselves to understand the technical nuances of payments systems and processes, this new course is designed primarily with our technology audience in mind – both in structure and content.

The intended learner will be an intermediate to advanced IT professional who is new to the payments world. As such, the goal of this course is to enable the learner to interpret and compare the various types of payments processing channels and flows, and technical considerations, to enable them to make recommendations for an effective payment processing system.

Since we see our learners return to our courses again and again, we intentionally designed this course structure to give our learners a more practical resource to return to.

  • Navigation is free (although we encourage learners to go through sequentially the first time)
  • You will encounter a scrollable application versus the standard slide-based approach
  • Adapts content seamlessly to any device


This new eLearning course will provide an opportunity for our community to explore the following topics:

  • Overview of the Payments Ecosystem:  For learners who have NOT taken MP101, requisite knowledge for the balance of the course
  • In-Store Payments Processing:  Considerations and processes for in-store payments
  • Developing a Technical Vision for Online Payments Processing:  Exploration of the technical requirements for online payments processing, including discussions of fraud, tokenization, and eCommerce payment flow
  • Pilot and Go Live:  Pilot activities, including potential challenges, before eCommerce can go live.

Course registration opens September 19. We cannot wait to hear what you think of Exploring Payments Technology!

To find out more, visit the MAG website today!

Introducting MAG's new eLearning Course Exploring Payments Technology

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